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Shame On Epidemic Proportions

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Catching The Prescribed Epidemic

The United States does not stand alone in the fight against one of the world’s most deadly epidemics, but it certainly is bearing the brunt of it.

The addiction to Opioids in North America is unparalleled anywhere else in the world; the effects of the well-publicized over-supply of pain killers during the 2nd decade of the 21st century will take generations to recover from.

A nation that was once shocked and horrified by a pandemic sweeping their country, have soaked up 20 years of biblical death rates, somehow just seem to write it off – into the Data.

As yet, there have been no protests for the hundreds of thousands of deaths or no solidarity with the countless victims. In fact, from an outsiders perspective it appears that it is just an accepted part of life, and death.

Clinics where patients receive their daily or weekly medicine are hotbeds of Covid-19. Some of the most vulnerable people in society congregate there, most with lowered or damaged immune systems, or with other serious social, health, economical or housing problems; they are the most likely next victims of Covid-19.

What irony then, when there are reported cases of liquid opioid painkiller shortages in hospitals around the world, and in particular across the United States; wherein these drugs are said to be needed amidst ventilating a patient suffering from Covid19.

It seems counterintuitive to me that recovering opioid addicts are prescribed synthetic opioids in the first place, but I’m not an addiction specialist. I can’t quite understand why you would give a patient a drug which can be easily modified to 10x the strength or simply taken in 10x the dosage, normally fatal if both are done.

So who are they? How do we spot them, in truth we don’t know. Clinics keep records so we can count known cases, but if we are honest, the reason we can’t easily distinguish ‘them’ is because they ate any, or all of us; you have to remember it’s an epidemic, it spreads.

The first experience with opioids can be as varied as taking a couple of pain killers from a friend to smoking heroin with an irresponsible parent as a teen. With as many harrowing stories of addiction and death out there, there are as many unlikely reasons for people starting to take opioids and developing an addiction.

Pain killers like OxyContin being by far the mostly widely adopted method of introduction to pharmaceutical opioids, and Heroin being the most commonly used opioid. For many pain killers are the fastest and most effective route to opioid addiction.

Numbers are sketchy and can only ever take a trial sample, but It’s a 50/50 whether future addicts got them for their own ailment, or somehow received from someone else’s prescription.

It’s an epidemic that continues to indiscriminately take lives regardless of race color and creed; it is a growing problem that is being swept under the carpet, it hasn’t been solved and it’s barely had its surface scratched.

Until a country accepts that it has a problem, it cannot hope to fix it.

If the world was having an intervention meeting, we would all be looking at America now. It needs to stand up, clear its throat and clearly say “Hello, my name is America and I’m an addict”

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