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Instability in the streets of Mexico City

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On the morning of June 26th 2020, the Mexico City’s Chief of Security, Omar García Harfuch, suffered an attack while commuting through Mexico City. Around 7 a.m. a group of heavily armed people, blocked the route with a RAM Truck and a Suburban. The assailents attacked the vehicle of Omar García using high caliber weapons, which resulted in 3 fatalities. Two of the indiviudals were defending Omar, and one innocent person was just passing by. Although, Omar García is now stable, he did receive care for 3 bullet wounds.

Fortunately, within hours 12 suspects were detained in respect to the open investigation. It’s believed this attack was the result of a local cartel known as CJNG or the “New Generation Jalisco’s Cartel.” This is a hypothesis coming from a tweet on the morning of the 26th, sent after the attack from Omar Garcías’ account. This tweet links the attack to a threat that the Mexico’s National Intelligence Center received last week from the CJNG.

As a Mexican, I am assured that levels of insecurity are rising; as this is similar to happenings of violence that we saw a couple of years ago. Also taking into consideration that many Mexicans are mad and unhappy with the President and its government. This is getting out of control.

Written by @saidcorona
Edited by @ms_classictwist

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